What Bad Days Look Like for Someone with Anxiety & Depression

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Struggling to cope? Don’t worry, me too. The hardest thing about living with mental illness is feeling like you’re all alone in this. I promise you’re not.   When I was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I googled the…


#SelfCareMonday – Edition 2

Welcome back to Self Care Monday! In last weeks edition of #SelfCareMonday I spoke about my morning and night routine. In this weeks edition of #SelfCareMonday I’m going to talk about some tips that have helped me out in the process of loving…


Day 7 – A letter to someone

Dear Grandad, I want you to know that I miss you. I miss being around you, and hearing you crack those silly jokes. I miss hearing about your pigeons and your life story. But most of all, I’m just glad…