5 Ways to Cope with a Bad Mental Health Day

How to Cope with a Bad Mental Health Day

We all have bad mental health days. Unfortunately, they’re way more common than people realise because not many people actually talk about the bad days they endure. It’s kind of like social media, everyone showcases the good in their life, not the bad! They can be extremely hard to handle when you’re feeling emotionally weak so here’s just a few ways to cope when it feels like you can’t handle what’s being thrown at you.

  1. Treat yourself to something you don’t do often. 
    I did this recently because I’ve been having a pretty ordinary week so I went and got my hair redone today. A little treat won’t hurt and it releases positive emotions, so it’s a win win situation, right? Just remember that it’s a TREAT. Not a regular occurrence.
  2. Tick off a task on your to do list, no matter how small.
    Have a load of washing that needs to be hung out? Easy! That’s one thing ticked off your to do list. Once we do one task, we usually tend to find the motivation to do more. And then the next thing you know, you’ve done everything you’ve needed to!
  3. Exercise – or more precisely – weightlifting.
    Exercise is extremely helpful in releasing endorphins. However, if I’m having a bad day, plain old cardio such as walking or jogging just allows me to think more so I tend to lean towards weight lifting. You only need to do half an hour to feel the endorphins!
  4. Get a FULL night of sleep if possible.
    Feeling rested always helps to make you feel a little more positive. If you can, try and go to bed a touch earlier than usual! I use the Pacifica app for a guided sleeping meditation which helps me fall asleep easier. I would highly recommend it if you struggle falling asleep initially.
  5. Write down what is bothering you.
    Releasing whatever it is that is bothering me into the universe has a funny way of making me feel instant relief. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m a writer at heart anyway, but as soon as I’ve written my problems on paper, I can think more rationally about the situation.

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I’m curious to know, is there anything in particular that helps you when you’re having a bad day? Leave it in the comments below!

Until next time,

Jade xo


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