A Day in the Life of a Part Time Blogger

Part Time Blogging: What it’s Really Like!

I’m only speaking from my own experience here, but part time blogging isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be! I try my hardest to at least give myself one day just to myself, not focusing on my blog or my social media channels at all. I need it for my sanity!

So in my day job, for majority of the 5 days during the week I do split shifts which generally means at least 3-4 hours in the morning, usually finishing by 12pm at the latest and going back to work at about 3pm and finishing around 8-9pm. I also work most Sunday afternoons/nights from about 3pm – 8:30pm/9pm.

An Average Day

5am – Wake up to my cat meowing in my face desperate for attention, then contemplate going to the gym (sometimes I actually go!) or scroll through instagram/twitter/facebook/pinterest and engage with each social media channel for about 1/2 hour! I’ll also try and write in my journal to get any emotions out onto paper. Then get up and make myself a coffee!

6am/6:30am – Get dressed for my day job, sit down at my desk and work on my blog for the next hour, hour and a half. I’ll also answer any emails, respond to comments, read my favourite blogs etc.

7:30am to 11:30am/12pm – working at my day job.

12/12:30pm to 3pm – Get home from work, make some lunch and sit down at my desk to work on my blog again. This can range from writing posts, editing posts, making blog graphics etc.  I’ll usually put tv shows on my old laptop to watch while I work on my blog (it helps me focus somehow..)

3pm to 8/8:30pm – working at my day (night?) job.

8:30pm/9pm to 10:30pm – Finish work, come home & shower. Sit down at my desk, get a head start on my next post and schedule my pins for the next few days. I’ll try and write in my journal as well.

I’ll do this Sunday to Friday EVERY week. I try and allow myself to spend Saturday (my only day off from my day job) doing what I want to do and not focusing on my blog.

I’m curious to know, what’s a day in the life like for you? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Jade xo 


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