10 Things I’ve Already Learnt in 2018

10 Things I’ve Already Learnt in 2018

I was SO excited for 2018 to start already by the end of last year. I was excited for a “fresh start”, knowing that this is the year I will be moving from my hometown to start my life with my partner. I’ve practically been wishing my life away since he left because I’m extremely impatient at the moment. Sometimes I will remember to take in the good moments, other times I’ll just whinge and cry about all the bad moments. So far I’ve LOVED this year. I’ve already learnt so much about who I am as a person and what my life might just have in store for me. Want to know what I’ve learnt? Here you go!

Hurry up.. what have you learnt already?!

  1. Everything takes time, but it will almost ALWAYS be worth it.
    If you have patience, hard times will sometimes work themselves out. You know how the saying goes.. “sometimes it just takes time.” Ever since my partner left, I had been a complete mess without him for 2 months. I tried to hide it but my friends could tell because I would go out and would leave after just a couple of hours because I would have preferred to be alone in my room. At the time it was what I needed to cope, but so far in 2018, I’ve been EXTREMELY happy. I think a lot of that comes down to the fact that I was able to see my partner for 2 weeks around Christmas and because I was able to bring in the new year with him, but there’s just something about knowing that this is the year I get to start my life with him that puts my mind at ease.
  2. Kindness goes a LONG way.
    This is something I’ve always known but something about this year has just brought out the best in me, especially when it comes to kindness. It goes a long way. If I’m just going for a walk, or in a shopping centre, I will make an effort to smile at people who look at me and when I’m getting served, either in a restaurant/cafe or even a shop, I will always try to make the conversation happy and uplifting. I truly hope that this brings joy to everyone else’s day!
  3. Making time for yourself is IMPERATIVE to your wellbeing.
    I work full time (usually a morning shift of about 2/3 hrs and a night shift of about 5 hrs at least 5 days a week) and also try and work on my blog as much as I can. However, on my only day off during the week (Saturday) I will always do what I WANT to. Sometimes that will still be working on my blog and sometimes that will mean not working on my blog at all. It varies, but it’s important that I have that day for whatever I want to do.
  4. Drama does NOT interest me in any way at all anymore.
    I used to be one of those people who would love hearing about others people’s drama. It was something I thrived off of (sad, I know). However now I could honestly just not give a shit. I don’t want that negative energy in my life anymore.
  5. You NEED bad days to really appreciate the good days.
    I’m sure I’ve said this before but I really do believe it. No one wants to admit they have bad days, but I know for a fact that I do. I tend to have more bad days rather than good days (yay thanks depression & anxiety! you’re my favourite!) but I truly believe that in some way it helps me appreciate the good so much more.
  6. Being grateful will actually help you feel HAPPIER.
    I’ve started saying what I’m grateful for every morning when I wake up and every night when I lay my head on my pillow (one of my main ones: I’m grateful for my cat. Love you Angel!) and it helps me start every day on a positive note. I remind myself how lucky I am in this life as often as possible.
  7. Health is starting to become more & more important to me.
    I was never really that healthy. Sure, I would work out, but I wouldn’t be eating the right foods and truly helping my body. I’m a bit more conscious of what goes into my body these days. I used to barely ever drink water but now I’m constantly drinking it (thanks summer weather, that ones on you!)
  8. TV shows are a time waster (when you watch them at least 12 hours out of a day!)
    I was one of those people who used to binge watch tv shows constantly, go to work, come home, watch more tv shows. Sometimes I wouldn’t even really be watching them, I just liked the background noise. I’ve tried to make more of an effort to watch less and I’ve found that it’s helped me be more productive!
  9. Stop focusing on what everyone around you is doing and start focusing on what YOU’RE doing.
    I used to always look at my friends and think that they were way more successful than I was. Sure, I’m not exactly doing a job I love, but I’ve really started focusing on my blog and I should be impressed with that (if you’re not a blogger, let me tell you something: it’s hard work!) It’s easy to look at everyone else and always put yourself down. But it’s time to build yourself up this year.
  10. Distance doesn’t always have to break up a relationship. If you’re willing to work for it, you’re relationship will come out stronger than ever.
    I must admit that I was TERRIFIED that my relationship with my partner would crumble when he left for basic training. I was so scared because he’s the first person I’ve ever actually felt truly in love with. But after some time, I’ve come to realise that I feel much closer to him now than when I did when he was living near me. You learn a lot about a person once they’ve become isolated to their usual surroundings and I couldn’t be more proud to now call myself a ‘military spouse’ (I’m sure you’ve noticed that if you’ve seen my social media ;))

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Jade xo 


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