What is Self Love?

Self Love

Ever since I started the Self Care Monday posts, I’ve constantly asked myself what exactly is self love? Is it waking up in the morning to make your favourite coffee/tea and treating yourself to it? Or is it drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up to nourish your body?

Truth is, it’s both.

It’s balance.

Why Self Love is important to me

Not long after my second suicide attempt was when I started taking self love seriously. I had been beating myself up for so long that I knew it was about time that I started to treat myself kindly.

I used to spend my days telling myself how much I hated myself. I would tell myself how ugly and disgusting I was and how the fact that everybody always left was my fault. I told myself that the reason my own family doesn’t have much to do with me was purely my own fault. I was so hard on myself that it lead me to want to swallow a whole pack of pills just so I could die.

This is why self love is important to me. It it wasn’t for self love, I would be dead right now.


So, what exactly is self love?

I’ve always been a people pleaser my whole life. I’ve constantly made sure that everyone else was okay before I focused on myself. I made sure everyone else’s work was done before I focused on my own.

Self love is putting yourself FIRST.

Self love is forcing yourself to get out of bed and eat something when all you want to do is cry and feel sorry for yourself.

Self love is recognising that your own needs are more important than anyone else’s.

Self love is LOVING yourself. It’s loving your personality, your body, your soul and your mind.


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