Self Care Monday – Morning Activities

Morning Self Care – start your day off right

Have you ever woken up of a morning, and turned straight to your phone? Have you reached out for Facebook, or instagram, and seen something that made you self conscious or uncomfortable? This is a typical morning for me.

I’ve been trying to incorporate some more relaxing things into my mornings lately. I tend to wake up at least two hours before I have to start work so I can try and start the day I want to.

Effective Morning Activities for Self Care

  1. Lighting a candle – I LOVE lighting candles in the morning. The scent of a candle helps to relax and ease into my morning, I typically prefer a vanilla scented candle.
  2. Reading – I preferably like reading books about empowerment or positivity in the morning, it helps to start my day off in the right mindset!
  3. Showering – When I shower, I try to notice how the water feels running along my body and focus on the sensation it gives.
  4. Coffee – I LOVE coffee but I try to limit it to at least one a day. I prefer to have my coffee in the morning to help assist me in waking up.
  5. Skin care – I love cleansing and moisturising my face of a morning. Not only does it benefit your skin, but I always feel so refreshed afterwards!
  6. Affirmations – This is something that I was really uncomfortable with at first, but after a while, you slowly start to believe what you are saying to yourself. I use pinterest to find affirmations that I feel suit me, and then I print them out, cut them up and read them out to myself before I head off to work!
  7. Tidying – There’s no doubt that a tidy place instantly lifts stress. Tidying up before you leave the house allows you to come back to a clean house, leaving one less thing to worry about for the day!


I would love to know what everyone else does to help them start their morning off the right way!

Jade XO



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