Self Care Monday – Edition 3

Welcome to Self Care Monday – Edition 3!


Today I want to focus on what I consider as one of the most important parts of self care, especially if you struggle with mental illness but it works for everyone!

A Self Care Kit

A self care kit is something I would recommend to anybody with a mental illness. Figure out everything you think you might need to help you in some tough times and make that your self care kit. I’m in the process of making my own self care kit so I haven’t decided yet but I am weighing up between a cute container or a cute bag!  I would use a self care kit in the midst of a panic attack/depressive episode to help lift my mood, so it’s important to think about what would help you lift your mood.

What I would use in a Self Care Kit



Something about the tingle I get on my face after I’ve used a cleanser or a face mask makes me feel amazing. In a self care kit, I would include some cleansing facial wipes or a facial sheet mask. Something so simple can make me feel like myself again.


When I’m in the midst of a panic attack or depressive episode, I never know how long it’s going to last. Keeping a muesli bar and a bottle of water would help me stay hydrated and stop me from getting too hungry just in case it takes me longer to pull myself out than usual.


When I was younger, I developed trichotillomania. It’s an impulse control disorder where you pull your hair out constantly. I ended up becoming bald from excessive pulling and have since learnt to control it. Every now and then I’ll notice that I’ll pull out some hair but it’s not as extreme as it used to be. A stress ball is crucial to control the urge when I am having a panic attack!


I love little things like this! I recently bought one from Kikki K. It’s tiny enough to fit in a small purse but it is full of sweet prompts of inspiration!


On a recent call to my psychologist during a meltdown, she asked me to point out five things that I could see. I didn’t notice it straight away, but focusing on something other than the thoughts inside of my head instantly calmed me down. My psychologist called it ‘grounding’. I had heard of it before but never actually bothered to do it, partially because I was skeptical and partially because I was just sick of trying to save myself. But it really does work! A post it note explaining what to do would remind me to try and ground myself.


A facial spray is one of my favourite things! The one I’m currently using is from Mario Badescu.


Writing down what I’m feeling in the moment helps calm myself down, it feels like a release from the pain.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Self Care Edition!

Jade XO




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