First, We Make The Beast Beautiful – A New Story about Anxiety by Sarah Wilson

As I was walking through my local Kmart, I decided to check out the books section. I’ve always loved reading and figured that I hadn’t actually read a good book in a while. I remember that day so vividly, because I wasn’t feeling my best.

The cover of Sarah Wilson’s book (pictured above) was peaking out on one of the shelves. I remember thinking ‘that looks interesting! but why is there an octopus on the front?’ so naturally, I grabbed it to check it out. As soon as I saw ‘a new story about anxiety’, I instantly put it into my basket and kept walking. I knew straight away that this would be a book that I was interested in.

I bought it a few months before I found out that I also needed glasses to be able to read without getting headaches, so I would only read a chapter maybe every few days. But each time I read another chapter, I wanted to know more and more. Sarah’s way at looking at anxiety as a blessing, rather than a curse was so fascinating to me. She saw the good in being excessively nervous, such as knowing that there would be no possible chance that a hotel she picked wouldn’t be near a certain place etc. I honestly think that this is a great book for everyone, regardless of whether they have experienced anxiety or not!

I found myself relating to her a lot throughout reading this book and I also found myself questioning my diet and how I perceive anxiety.

One of my favourite excerpts from this book:

“I’d add that, in such instances, we’d love everyone (someone?) to see that we absolutely do not have our shit together. And to come and tell us they’ve got this one. Even for five minutes.
The more anxious we are, the more we’d really love someone to come and take the load off us and help us cope for a bit. This presents us with another cruel anxious irony, doesn’t it: The more anxious we are, the more high-functioning we will make ourselves appear, which just encourages the world to lean on us more.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I always want someone to notice that I am absolutely not coping at all. But I would never let anyone know that I was actually not coping.. so she’s definitely got that down to a T.

Whether you have anxiety, know someone with anxiety or would just like to understand what life is like for someone living with anxiety, I would highly recommend reading this book!



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