Day 6 – Something you struggle with

I suppose I struggle with a lot of things, but honestly, the worst struggle is the one that I have inside my head every day.

I’m a huge advocate for positive thinking. I know that it works wonders when you actually think positively, and not just dream of doing it!

I know a lot of people who can’t get out of their heads, and how much it affects them. When I last saw my psychologist, we spoke about how our mind is practically a figment of our imagination, and that we control what we think. The only problem is the controlling – it’s not as easy as it sounds!

I struggle with feeling like I’m not worthy of a happy life, or love, or that I’m not worthy of having a career that makes me happy.

I’m still working on how to control this.

See you on day 7!

Jade, XO


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